Five Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Repair

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Overhead Garage door opener uses torsion springs. Torsion Garage Door springs produce torque when twisted in the opposite direction, which enables it to lift the overhead doors. The tension produced by the tight coiling of the spring is what holds the heavy garage doors. Constant use may result in wear and tear of the springs.It is necessary to maintain springs of the door and pay close attention to any signs that may suggest the springs need repair or replacement garage door.

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Listed below are five signs that may indicate towards garage door springs repair:

  1. Garage Door unable to hold its place:

The first most obvious sign is the door does not hold its position when opened halfway. It tends to slide down. This indicates that the spring that holds the door is broken.

repair garage door off track



  1. Hearing a Loud noise from the garage door:

If you hear a loud noise from your garage it could be due to a garage spring snapping. Since the spring holds a huge amount of force the noise created is huge. Also if you keep on hearing a lot of squeaky noises while opening or closing the doors, it could mean that the springs are about to break.

broken garage door spring

  1. Garage Door is bumpy or crooked while moving up and down:

If you notice that the door’s movements have become uneven and make sure that the overhead door frame hinges are not creating a hindrance in its path, then the spring must be broken.

 overhead door frame hinges

  1. Appearance of Cable and Pulley at Ground level:

Ideally the overhead door springs hold the cables and pulley at place. In the event that the spring breaks the setup gets disrupted and falls down.

garage door cable snapped

  1. Visual Appearance of a gap in the overhead spring:

Overhead Garage doors normally consist of two torsion springs. If one of them breaks the door still works with little difficulties. But due to the tension held up in the spring, when it breaks it creates a minimum of two inches of gap between them.


These are only five of the many signs that could pint towards Overhead Garage door opener repair or replacement. Springs are the most crucial part of Overhead doors. They should be regular serviced to ensure smooth usage. In case of repairs one can ask for professional help or can do it on their own. Overlooking the above signs can prove to be a huge risk, it could result in minor or fatal injuries, loss of property and reduced sense of security.