Should you get your air ducts cleaned every winter?

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Pollutants in the duct

The reason why ducts have to be cleaned is because of the presence of the pollutants in it. these pollutants include dirt, dust, and grime. Molds are known to grow in these air ducts which could harm the health of especially those with breathing issues. The presence of Vermin and rodents also indicate that the air duct has to be clean. If the house has been renovated recently or shifting has taken place, there is no doubt that the duct has to be cleaned.

What are the other sources of pollutants?

Indoor and outdoor activities cause the presence of undesirable particles in the air at home. Activities such as cooking, smoking, cleaning, etc. can all cause pollution. Even relocation and renovation can increase the levels of pollutants by leaps and bounds. These contaminants are higher than the possible dust particles that are released by the air ducts.

There is also no evidence that small amounts of dust particles in the house could cause any harm to the health of the occupants of the house.

What happens during winter?

During cold weather, the electricity bills shoot through the roof. That is a given. During such weathers, it is vital to keep the temperature in the room normal.  These are the times the heaters and ventilators are used more than ever.

Condensation problems in the duct in winter

When the temperature outside drops below forty, condensation starts to form in the ducts. This is the scenario from November to march. This condensation drips from the registers in the ceiling. The warmer the heat is set in the room, the worse the condensation. Despite the proper insulation, the slow movement of the air gives it time for the condensation to take place in the ducts.

Anyone with systems such as air conditioners and heaters will state that the air duct will have to be cleaned.

Enter Professional cleaning services

They wait for this time to come and tell you that if you do not clean your air ducts, you are more than likely to be ill because of the dust and the grime that are present in the air ducts.

When should you get the air duct cleaned?

There are a few symptoms that indicate the need for cleaning air duct. One must look out for them.

These professional services hype up the need for the cleaning of the air duct in order to increase the sales. While it is not completely false, the urgency of the cleaning is most definitely exaggerated.

Should you get your air ducts cleaned every winter?

In many cold states, the air ducts become a serious issue if not taken care of properly. If the question is ‘Will winters insist on air duct cleaning?’ the answer is yes. These air ducts come into use once the weather gets really cold. The air quality becomes compromised when the duct is not cleaned properly. When you turn on the heat, the dirt in the duct is more than likely to hit you. Hence, this is a very good time to check and clean.