It is never too late for your Garage door makeover!

painting garage door

Garage doors have become a part and parcel of every home since long. It is the first thing every guest of yours gets to see and needs a good maintenance. The appeal of your entire home is mostly decided by the entry units which is the most prominent garage door. Also it withstands every weather change and is used every single day. It will not be s surprise if the look of it keeps changing with every passing month indicating how much worn out it gets after every use. It is one single thing that is in constant contact with things like mud, water and dirt and needs a makeover for it look like brand new and classy too.


Garage Door DIY Ideas

You cannot keep investing in a new door every year as the costs of the doors are way too high. Just looking for makeover ideas will be the best bet for them to look nice and easy on your pockets as well. There are quite a lot of do it yourself ideas that you could actually spend time and do so your garage door looks entirely different and visually appealing as well.


Change the Colors

You could start painting our door in a brand new color rather than just changing the paint. It would definitely give a finished look to the door. If all the door needs is just a coating of paint, then there is no point in wasting time. Just invest in a paint that will withstand all the turbulent weather conditions the door will be facing another year and then choose the color.

painting garage door

Invest In Wood

Visit the hardware shop often and also home depot where you will get so many ideas to just make the door look brand new. You could always add a plywood layer to top your door along with some handles which will give the door an altogether new look. You could invest on two shades of wood, keeping the darker one as border and the lighter one for tiling.


Redo the Accessories

Like it all white? – If you are a white – color person and have the regular white garage door that most of the house have and have been looking for some change, then this is what you could do without compromising on your choice of color. Just visit a hardware shop and find some handles. It could be steel with gold color coated and embellishments which will give a classy look to your white door. It could also be a maple wood handle; it would be elegant on the white door as well. Choose some accessories that could be just fitted to our door like edge carvings. These small changes will compliment the regular garage door well and make it look distinguished.


Change the Appearance

Bored of Single color? – Now you obviously cannot paint your garage door in multicolor. It fails the purpose of the door and will not look appealing as well. If you are in love with white painted doors, then to just give the contrast effect, you could just paint the corners of the door in black. It would be even better, if you could paint the upper part to just give it a look like windows. You do not have to actually have the windows but just get the feel of it by painting it black like windows.


Wooden Makeover

If you are bored of the steel finish in your garage door and have always liked the wood finish, the best way to do a makeover is wood graining which is also easy on your pocket at the same time giving your door a complete change look wise. A complete wood door will cost you very much while this makeover serves the purpose while not making your wallet lean too. Just invest in good primer and raw materials and it is all done.